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Top 10 Suggestions for Small Business Websites

Top 10 Suggestions for Small Business Websites

There are a lot of details to keep in mind as you design your business website, whether you are making your first website or if you are simply updating your site in order to increase visitors and conversions. Whether you are making your own website, or if you have hired a web designer, there are some things you should keep in mind during the process.


  1. Your Images – When a potential customer clicks on your site, you have very little time to catch their attention. In most instances you have less than a second. It is important your images catch visitor’s attention immediately, and it is also important that the images lead customer’s eye to the important aspects of your site; benefits, headlines and call to action.


  1. Basic Style – Whether you are designing a site from scratch or if you are using a template, there are a few important style features to pay attention to. First of course your overall style needs to evoke an emotion, which emotion that is depends on your product or service, but people should feel something. Next, your style needs to be consistent throughout your site. Keep your links, headings, taglines, etc, in the same place on each page as much as possible.


  1. URL – Obviously you want a simple site address, one that is relevant and easy to remember. In addition your URL is important for searchability. Make sure you are putting enough effort into finding a good URL. It can be difficult today with so many websites, but don’t settle on something.


  1. Coding – The underlying coding has a significant effect on your site’s searchability. Try to use mainly HTML or another simple, search friendly underlying code which can be optimized. Avoid Flash when possible. Make sure the code is accurate. This makes it easier for search engines and helps your site run more efficiently.


  1. Accessibility – There are many different browsers. Make sure your site is accessible from all the major ones. Also make sure you site loads quickly even on slower computers. You may want to consider making a mobile site as well, specifically for mobile devices.


  1. Structured – Back in school one of the first things we learn in writing is to have a beginning, middle and end. Make sure your website is similarly structured. Make sure it is intuitive and flows in a logical order, including headlines, pictures and links.


  1. Linking – Get incoming and outgoing links to quality sites. Avoid linking to sketchy sites and spam. This most often happens when Black Hat SEO is employed, so if you hire an optimization expert make sure they aren’t cheating.


  1. Don’t Trick Search Engines – There are a number of less than reputable methods for increasing searchability short term. Don’t do it. Every trick ends up hurting you worse in the long run, much worse, and search engines always find out. Usually sooner than later.


  1. Update – Regular updates keep customers interested and improves your searchability.


  1. Content – We’ve gone over a lot of different tips for improving your site, and there are many more. Every site is different true, but there is 1 constant that every high-performance site has in common, no matter the niche, style, look, etc. Every site that does well has quality content, correct grammar and spelling, syntax, and they all just sound good. Hiring a writer may be a good idea.
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