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Is Your Website Visitor Friendly?

Is Your Website Visitor Friendly?

Is Your Website Visitor Friendly?

With all of the recent noise about optimizing your website so that computers like your site and rank your site high, it’s easy to forget it is the actual people who visit your site who may or may not buy your product. And there are plenty of sites on the first page, that sell less and get less business than the site on the second or third page all because the second a potential customer clicks your link, the place their browser leads them is a complete mess. Here’s how to make your site better for real humans:

  1. Getting a faster site – There are a number of things that can slow down your site. Applications, flash, audio files, all of these things are unnecessary and slow, so get rid of all but the most essential elements that would slow a browser.
  2. Have a site map – This relates to the speed. If it takes someone to long to find something, they’ll just leave.
  3. Navigation – Designers want to be different, but people are used to navigation in a certain place on a page. Make sure it is somewhere familiar, or at least somewhere that won’t take more than half a second to find.
  4. Short paragraphs – Break up the actual content on you pages. Large chunks of content turns off web browsers.
  5. Search – The search function is a great addition to any site. Not the search that leads back to Google or another search engine, but one which does searches within your site, so consider adding this feature to each page.
  6. Focus – Keep your content on point and well-organized. Have categories and sub-categories as well if there is a lot of content.
  7. Call to action – This is one of the first things you learn in marketing, but people forget it all of the time. Any business site should have a call to action somewhere. You need your visitor to do something, sign up, buy, contact you, whatever it may be. Also, put some real thought into it. Make it something attractive and memorable.
  8. Double check all of your links – Links are important, and often taken for granted. Before making a site go live make sure all of your links are in working order.
  9. Design – Yes, design is important. Make sure you site is attractive without being distracting. Design covers a wide range of elements, everything discussed here and the way it actually looks. From the colors to the graphics you want to be sure you are sending your potential customer the right message.

Having a beautiful and functional website is important in order to make sure that you are attracting the customers you want. You need a targeted and focused design, everything from the content to the look and optimization, and especially usability. If you hire a designer make sure they are following these suggestions. If you are designing your own site do some research into each of these points to ensure everything comes together as planned.

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