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How to Increase Your Web Presence Part 9

How to Increase Your Web Presence Part 9

If you are new to the series, we’ve been going through a long, long list of ways just about anyone can increase their website’s searchability. There are actually a lot more but we thought a hundred would be enough. When used the right way all of these should help you increase your traffic and potentially and eventually even your sales. As always it is important to keep everything honest, original and relevant.


  1. Robot.txt file – It is highly technical, confusing, probably best left to programmers, so ask you programmer to make sure you have one. It helps you avoid 404 errors, which are terrible for your image.


  1. The submit scam – You can submit your site for absolutely free to every search engine that matters, all at the same time, in about 10 minutes. This might help these engines find your site faster. The reality is that even without submitting your site web crawlers will find your site. The scam is some people actually charge you for the service of submitting your site. Don’t fall for it.


  1. Google – Google is over 80% of all searches by recent accounts, and those numbers are only increasing. If you can concentrate on only one search engine make it Google. If you can do more than one, still make sure Google is the main one and make Yahoo! your second. If you absolutely must do three throw in Bing… That’s it though, no more.


  1. Whitepaper? – Somewhere at some time the technical meaning of this word has been confused. A whitepaper is not an article. No, I know what the other blog guy said… yeah I know what that guy said too… yeah I know that one site has a whitepaper that looks eerily like an article. Trust me; they are using the word wrong. What it actually is supposed to be is a highly technical, in-depth and very dry, long, boring breakdown of exactly every little thing about your product or what-have-you with 0 fluff, no salesmanship, nothing. Just the fact Mam, all the facts. Having this info online will appeal to approximately 1 out of 1,000 customers, but it is still good to have. Make it a PDF and have it linked to your site.


  1. Link to other sites – Linking to other sites can give you a boost in the eyes of search engines. Make sure the sites you link to are relevant and have quality content.


  1. CSS for layout, HTML text – Style, colors, etc. might be easier and more beneficial in CSS. Keep text HTML for search engines though (hint: tag your graphics and pics in the coding in HTML, hidden for search reasons).


  1. Check display in different browsers – If you are in front of your computer all day it is easy to forget other people have different browsers. Test your coding for display in all the popular browsers.


  1. Keep pages small – While “more stuff” on a page might give more opportunity to enhance searchability, it’s not worth it. Keep load time downs and split your site up into multiple relevant pages.


  1. Directory submission – Okay, if you choose to submit to directories you are going to get a lot of spam most likely. Before submitting open a dummy email account and close that email after you’re done submitting (not so much a searchability tip, more a keep your sanity tip).


  1. Great content – It’s hard enough just writing content, now we need great content? It goes without saying you homepage and all the main pages of your site absolutely have to be written very well (hopefully by a professional), having some great content outside of this however, really great content people will actually want to share, is one of the best ways of improving your searchability.
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