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How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 7

How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 7

Here we go again! Even more tips on how to increase your business web presence. You know the drill. We’re talking about the actual technical steps you can take in no particular order, not how to do it necessarily. There are many ways of increasing your web presence, don’t feel you have to use everything in this ten part series, but look for relevant, fast and simple things you can do yourself… or do it all for a real boost.


  1. Press section on your site – It’s just common sense from a usability stand point, and to save your sanity as your site grows. Have a separate section for all press releases, banners, etc. Even have subsections if there is enough content to justify this. A press section is a great way to ensure a constant flow of fresh content and a great way to improve searchability.


  1. Take advantage of eBay – If you sell anything at all have at least some of your stock available on eBay. Along with already having the shopping cart and other online sales mechanisms in place, it is also a great backlink.


  1. More feedback – We mentioned getting feedback from other website owners earlier, don’t hesitate to ask friends as well. They may have some honest insight for you.


  1. Personal recommendations for site improvements – Hiring online can be a bit iffy. If possible before hiring someone for any aspect of your site, but especially search related improvements, look for recommendations from real people that have used the service. Often these are provided, sometimes you’ll find them on blogs, forums, etc. That said, on blogs and forums there is only the chance they are recommending themselves, it’s actually likely, so keep that in mind.


  1. Banner exchange – This isn’t for everyone, but basically instead of paying someone to have your banner you exchange banners. Make sure any banner on your site (probably a social site and not your business site) is a legitimate business.


  1. Keep feeds simple – RSS feeds can in some cases slow uploads and get cumbersome for users to take advantage of. Do extensive testing and make any changes necessary to ensure your feeds are very easy to use. People simply do not have the patients online to put up with slow or malfunctioning feeds.


  1. What’s a “lense”? – We mentioned Squidoo, it’s a good site for links. Makes sure you create a “lense” if you use Squidoo.


  1. Favorite button – This is used in a wide range of areas, from social network sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and Youtube, to lesser known but helpful sites like Technorati. Ask contacts to favorite you. They are far more likely to do so if you actually ask them.


  1. Flikr – This is primarily a photo exchange site, but it can be used as something similar to a social network. Gain exposure by submitting some product or service relevant company pictures to Flikr.


  1. Bulletin – This is a short account of recent activity posted on social networks. Whichever form it takes, make sure you consistently update what’s new on all of your social network sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc.
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