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How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 5

How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 5

Woohoo! Congratulations you’re half way there. This is part 5 (there are 10 parts if the half way thing was confusing). Hang in there; I can smell you getting web-smarter even through wireless modem. Um, as before this is what to do not how to do, blah, blah, read the last pieces if you want a clearer description.


  1. CSS vs HTML – You’ll get varying accounts of which is better. CSS is the newer and more and more the preferred method, however some of the underlying html used in coding can be made more search friendly. Learn how to insert elements that make your site more searchable in the actual coding or make sure your coder learns more about it.


  1. Downloadable content? – If you have content that you want unique to your site, that may for whatever reason hurt searchability if typed out on your website, or that you only want actual potential customers (hopefully not competition spies) seeing, making it downloadable. If you have downloadable content make sure it is generic and not attached to a specific viewer (ie, don’t make them download wmv in order to view it.)


  1. Wikipedia – It is one of the most used sites online. Make a wikipedia page describing your company, your product, your service, even your management team if you like. It is very important you keep this content completely factual however. No selling here… no, no selling bad salesman.


  1. Second opinion – Ask other website owners for their own tips, and share the info you’ve gathered. Two minds are better than one; three are even better… actually get as much feedback as you can.


  1. Actual page names – Up at the very top of your page you see an address that starts http:// etc. That is your page name. Sometimes these page names can get ridiculous, especially on inner pages you’ll get DKJFOAUREOIJQAOREJ14A6416D51AEDF; or something like that. There are tools out there to change the name of the pages, and the name does have an influence on your searchability.


  1. Flash? – Personally I say no unless you are a designer or some other visual based company. However for many designers and site owners the temptation is just too great. If you absolutely need to have a cool flash intro make sure you have a “skip intro” button visible and easily clicked.


  1. Become an authority – You not only want to be well-known for great service, great product etc. online especially you want to be well-known for knowing a lot about everything to do with your niche. You can do this through blogs, threads, etc.


  1. Local paper – While the world may be globalizing, search engines are actually going local. Advertising in your local paper will help you get more visitors locally and increase local searchability via local visits.


  1. Charity – Charities aren’t just a wonderful way to give back to the community and a convenient tax write-off, it is also a good way to get links. Most charities will link you from their site when you donate.


  1. Learn about W3C standards – This is a set of web standards for privacy. Following it long run will keep you in Google’s good graces.
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