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How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 4

How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 4

Here is the fourth entry in our series about how to increase your web presence. Here we are going over actual technical steps that you can take to increase the number of visitors you have to your site. We go over the actual steps, and not necessarily the way to go about content within these steps and other similar concerns. For more on the “how to” of each step please see other entries.


  1. Sign-Ups and newsletters – Not only is a newsletter a great way to keep current (and hopefully future) customers abreast of everything you and your company is doing, it is also a great way to get a contact list. On your “contact” page ask visitors to sign up for your free newsletter.


  1. More about newsletters – In addition to allowing people to sign up for your newsletter, try posting it on various sites linking to your home page and actually sending it out via snail mail locally and electronic mail (that’s email).


  1. Comment on blogs – There are millions of blogs, and certainly some somewhere relevant to your service or product. Comment on these with relevant and helpful information and ask the owner if you can link your site. Quality blogs and quality content is essential however or you may be wasting your time.


  1. Learn everything you can – This blog right here is a great start, and there are plenty of other great sources out there. Increasing web presence is a constant struggle with rules that never stay the same for long and not any real measure of expertise as far as “professionals” who help businesses in this area. The more you know, the better you will be able to adjust for inevitable changes, and the better you will be at telling the difference between real SEO experts and scam artists just trying to make a quick buck off of you.


  1. Don’t pay others to submit your site to search engines! – It takes literally like 10 minutes to submit your site to all of the big ones, all at once! Anyone charging you for this “service” is stealing from you.


  1. Go viral – It’s not a disease, it’s a great way to create buzz about your product or service. Create a Youtube video (and a Google video if you like but primarily Youtube) and hope it goes viral. These can be really inexpensive depending on how much production you want to do, and can potentially reach millions.


  1. eBooks – Creating an eBook can often create a lot of word of mouth buzz surrounding your product or service. You can give it away for free. People love free stuff. Make sure it is relevant and somehow helpful though, if you just give them a long promotional piece they may actually come away with a more negative opinion of you.


  1.  “As seen on TV!” – Despite web reports, television is not dead. In fact it is highly recommended if you can afford it because you have a captive audience (you can’t click away from a TV ad). If you go the television route add an “as seen on TV” somewhere in your product or service description.


  1. Worpress – This is a great format to blog on. It is also smart to sponsor a WordPress theme or a list directory template.


  1. Java and Active X – Get rid of them. You don’t need them. They are annoying to everyone except people employed by Java and Active X.


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