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How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 3

How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 3

This is the third part of our series on how to increase web presence for your business, and how to increase your sales via better internet marketing. As before these are mostly the actual things you can do and not how to do them necessarily. Please see other entries for methods of putting these steps in action that will help, (not harm) your brand image along with your web presence.


  1. Free – What? Free? I’m trying to make money. Free stuff can be worth more in free advertising for you than whatever it is that you are giving away. Through your actual site or by your social networking reward your faithful current customers and visitors with something they can tell their friends and family about.


  1. Network Old School – Tired of all this web talk? If you’re going through all of our tips at once your head is probably spinning and you’re longing for the days when the closest thing to a social network was the local bar. Try telling your friends and neighbors what you do and what you’re looking for. You’d be surprised, internet people are everywhere these days and you may find help right next door.


  1. Craigslist – It’s 100% free, local and has heavy traffic. Publicize your products or services here along with job openings, etc.


  1. Frames – This is a nifty design trick, DON’T USE THEM! Older browsers don’t support them, they are cumbersome, and future html coding is likely to make them extinct completely.


  1. – Another in a list of sites you can submit to. This one particular may take some time, but can be worth it in the end.


  1. XML sitemap – You can create a sitemap using XML. This not only makes your site easier to navigate for actual human users, submitting it to Google can increase your searchability.


  1. T-Shirts! – What? Yeah t-shirts, mugs, pens, etc with your website on it. You probably have this stuff already, but make sure your site address is on it. How’s that for technical?


  1. More ways to contact you – Increasing the number of ways you can be contacted not only makes it easier to get in touch with you, it also helps you get some valuable backlinks. Skype, Yahoo and MSN messenger along with email, phone and your actual physical address are all great.


  1. T-Shirts… Again! – We really are trying to stay professional here, but finding women with large breasts to wear your shirts with a website is one of the most tried and true ways of getting traffic – depending on your business of course and if it is not something too puritan, try promoting at dance clubs, gentleman’s clubs, etc. If you have 0 to do with anything connected to something where you might think people looking at breasts would have any relevant reason for visiting, first of all you are probably wrong, second, tie it into other promotions, or even a fund raiser for your favorite charity (and tax write off). Get imaginative.


  1. Affiliate Programs – Affiliate sites specialize in selling stuff for you. Hook up with some reputable affiliates, but make sure they do not use any black hat methods.


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