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How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 2

How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 2

Welcome to part two of our series on how to increase your business web presence. As mentioned in part one there are many different ways to do this, and here we are discussing primarily the technical steps of what to do, and very little on how to do it – that is to say the style of your content, what to say, etc. For more on that please see our other entries.


So here are the next steps you can take for increased web presence:


  1. Articles – Here you want to be especially careful about the kind of content, but basically write about relevant stuff within your niche and hold back on including a lot of “sales” jargon. Submit the article to different article sites. This is key though, don’t submit the same article to different sites. Everything has to be unique and different, even your own articles.


  1. StumbleUpon – The idea was people would search for stuff they like and “stumble upon” something cool. Whatever, a thing called Google already does that. The site is good for backlinks. Sign up and try to get others to “Stumble” your site – don’t spend too much time and effort here though. Put aside a half hour or hour one day to play around with it.


  1. Custom 404 Page – At some point you’re going to have this particular technical difficulty more than likely, so have a customized page they will be redirected to that won’t hurt your rep too bad, and that will get across the point that whatever just happened is only a temporary technical problem.


  1. 301 Redirect – Most have an address that has a “www” before it, a few people have one that skips the “www”. 301 redirect takes visitors from the non-www site address to one with “www” automatically.


  1. Link to forums – If you want that is, some find it too unofficial looking for their business site. Linking to the forums you post content on though is a great way to increase your “authority” in your niche, which is great for searchability.


  1. Friends, Family… and Customers – The friends and family advice is more relevant to bloggers, but current customers can be good for businesses as well. Even if they already come to your store, give them some relevant and real reason to visit your site also.


  1. Spelling and Grammar – Human readers get really annoyed with horrible grammar and terrible syntax. Unfortunately often the rush for more content makes us forget about good content (especially if you hire oversees writers, which is a mistake for many reasons, but that is discussed in other places). As for searchability, yes Google is getting smarter and is catching on to and penalizing bad grammar and spelling.


  1. Test site in different browsers – There are a ton of different browsers (especially with the rise of mobile browsing) so make sure your site looks good in all of the major ones. People don’t have the patience for sites that don’t load right onto whatever browser they happen to be using.


  1. Plenty of hosting – They also don’t have patience for sites that are constantly overwhelmed or take forever to load.


  1. Over emphasis on page rank immediately – Page rank is important yes, but important only for a set of keywords that turn into customers, which is not necessarily the most used keywords. Worry first about local searches and the keywords that turn into customers. High rank elsewhere will come, but over time when the proper steps are followed. In fact most of the ways to get immediate high rankings are terrible for your site long-term because they almost all involve black hat SEO, which will soon have you in a worse place than you started if not blacklisted all together. So be patient.
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