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How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 10!

How to Increase Your Business Web Presence Part 10!

Do I hear drum rolls? At long last it is the last of our 10 part series on how to increase web presence. You know all about how this is list of things to do in no particular order, and not a how to do them kind of thing right? If this is the first you’ve seen or heard of the list make sure you check out the first 9. Okay, let’s get right down to it then.


  1. PageRank vs. Page Ranking – PageRank is a free service from Google that basically tells you what Google thinks of your site. Now, how important is that? Google says it is. A lot of SEO people say not so much. As only Google knows Google’s methods of ranking we’re not as confident as some to argue with the creators. We will say low PageRank doesn’t always mean low ranking and vice versa so worry more about where your site shows up in a search.


  1. Give visitors a reason to come back – You might want to do this from you social site, but have something, chat room, game, whatever it may be to make people want to come back can sometimes be helpful. It depends what your selling, relevancy is more important, and unless you make money with ads on your site you don’t want to desperately throw anything at the wall to see what sticks, but offering something interesting won’t hurt.


  1. Free gift via landing pages – Advertise some promotional free thing, whatever that may be, through landing pages.


  1. Product feed – Give “Froogle” a try, it is one of the better product feeds.


  1. Lots of bookmarks – There are sites that specialize in this and only this. Get your site bookmarked on several quality sites. Make sure the sites are legitimate and themselves have a good reputation.


  1. Yahoo Answers – As a user of the internet, Yahoo Answers is one of the most annoying sites on all of the internet because somehow they’ve infiltrated all types of key phrases, and you get there and they say absolutely nothing about the subject at hand. Why or how they get away with it is a mystery, but since it seems they are not going anywhere anytime soon, do some good for the world and for your site, find “questions” relevant to your product or service on Yahoo Answers not answered, and answer them… please answer them because I can’t take their lack of content much longer. It’s fast, easy and almost sure increased traffic to your site.


  1. Don’t “buy” traffic! – It should go without saying if you’ve followed us at all, but this is cheating. Even worse, it hurts you long run. Even worse you’re throwing your money away because Google doesn’t care about your fake visitors and their genius crawlers can figure it out 99/100 times.


  1. Hire a professional if you’re paying for PPC anyway – PPC costs money. Chances are if you are not studied in this field you can hire someone who is, get better results more than making up for whatever you are paying them. If that simply is not an option Google actually offers certification so try to get through their course.


  1. favicon.gif – It’s a little icon uploaded when users bookmark you, it makes it simpler for them and for you and simple will make it more likely you’ll be bookmarked… which is good.


  1. FACEBOOK!!!! – Of course. We saved it for last because it’s pretty important (nothing else is in any kind of order.) The only site on earth visited more than Facebook is Google itself, and a lot of Google traffic is just people looking for a page on Facebook so there you have it. You need to create a Facebook page for your business. This is a great platform for incorporating a lot of the tips we’ve gone over as well because, though connected to your official site, it’s okay to take off the tie here and be a bit more casual.
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