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How to Increase Your Business Online Presence Part 8

How to Increase Your Business Online Presence Part 8

We hope our tips have been helpful so far! There are countless ways to help you increase your web presence, and we are sharing about 100 of those with you. Used correctly this advice will help you improve traffic, and ultimately sales long term while avoiding Google penalties to searchability and even the dreaded blacklist. This is more about the steps to take, and not necessarily how to take them, just keep in mind a couple point: stay honest, stay relevant, don’t copy other people’s content, and avoid linking yourself with sites that use any black hat methods.


  1. Respond to emails! – So someone has something to say about your service, product, site, whatever it may be. That’s great. Getting someone to take enough interest in your site is a huge step online considering web surfer’s limited patience, so show your appreciation with a prompt and written-by-a-human response. Avoid auto responses if possible.


  1. Hire a copywriter! – Not “copy right,” copywriter. This is someone who writes copy professionally, usually websites, ads, marketing materials, etc. They are professionally trained to relate content to specific audiences, usually with a degree in advertising, sometimes marketing or even English (coupled with some marketing or advertising experience). If you cannot hire one for all of your content, at least hire them for a couple hours to quickly go through the main pages of your website, suggest changes and even rewrite as needed.


  1. Lists! – Kind of like this (but not as long, this is pretty long). Whatever it is you are selling chances are you can list something. When you submit articles makes lists of helpful information for your potential customers. They are easy for readers to follow and search engines tend to like them.


  1. No ideas for fresh content on social mediums? – That’s okay, just talk about something you learned today, the weather, something entertaining. As long as it is interesting somehow. That’s one of the cool things about Facebook and others, you don’t have to be all business official sounding content (in fact you shouldn’t be). If you absolutely cannot relate anything about your product this particular day, talk about something else and try again tomorrow.


  1. Save the highly technical for geeks – I can say geek because I am one. Unless you are B2B selling software or some other technical thing, chances are you need to dumb down the technical side for general consumption. Slashdot though is a site that lets you publish some of the more technical details so take advantage of it if applicable.


  1. Link inner pages – Don’t always link homepage. Where applicable link inner pages of your site.


  1. Meta tags – Their relevance has been somewhat lessened by Google, they are still important for every page of your site.


  1. Elderly – We’ve overcompensated for the younger nature of web surfers. There are old people on the internet, in fact more and more every year, so don’t ignore them.


  1. Technorati again – Once you’ve seen the result of using this site, determine if it has been worth it. If so add a “like” link. If you don’t like these types of links from your actual business site, which is understandable, do it from your social network site or sites.


  1. Use analytics – It is a bit technical, and can be hard to learn. It is worth getting the basics though. Once you have it down it is a great free service and a treasure trove of search information specific to your site.
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