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Custom Websites vs. Template Websites

Custom Websites vs. Template Websites

Custom Websites vs. Template Websites

When you are considering creating a website, you only have a couple of choices, either a custom website, or a website made from a template. Each of these options has their pros and cons, and deciding which is right for you depends on what you are using your site for, if it is a business, the type of business, and of course your budget for your website. We will discuss what the pluses and drawbacks are and go over the situations where one option may be better than the other.

Custom Website

This will look far more professional, and if you hire the right designer it should look original and be easier to navigate for your potential customers (if applicable) which is the number one thing web users want in a website according to all of the data. In addition a custom website can be coded with key words in mind, helping searchability. The coding you do not see is one piece of the complex SEO formula, and is much harder or even impossible to manipulate with a ready-made template. Another positive aspect is that a custom website can be built to fit larger websites, while keeping it simple to navigate hopefully. Templates are usually not designed for very large sites. Also, templates have limited room for your graphics, logos, content, etc. You are basically stuck with “making stuff fit,” this of course is not the case with a custom site.

Template Website

Templates are a very popular option for a lot of individuals and for some small businesses as well. Though offering fewer options as far as design, and accepting that your site is going to look much like many, many other websites, there are a few benefits. First and foremost, it is way less expensive. A template can cost as little as $30 and often hosting is equally cheap, anywhere from $2 to $10 a month. Many of the templates available do offer quite a few options, and some designers even look at a few templates for ideas about color and design before beginning a unique custom site. Another reason you may choose a template, at least at first, is for the experience. If you are completely in the dark as far as site design, creating a site using a template can provide at least a little bit of background in the area. Finally, when you use a template you are in full control. Most templates make it very easy to create a website, and you will be able to change your site whenever you want to.


For most businesses, even small ones, a custom webpage is the better choice if you can afford it. The only times a template may be more desirable is for individual freelancers who do not depend on, and in some instances don’t even want, a large volume of people contacting them, or if it is a personal webpage for the family, a blog or something of that nature.

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