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Workflow SolutionsCustom Workflows & Business Automation

Workflow Solutions

  • Full-featured Information and Workflows Management
  • Modules for various scenarios and customizability for specific requirements
  • Choice for onsite deployment of the product or for using it on
    ADII Cloud in SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model
  • Regular Upgrades and Software Assurance
  • Robust and scalable architecture
  • Security scheme deeply engaged into the architecture
  • Developers APISupport and Training

Do you have an internal process you would like to automate? Our workflow solutions allow you to semi-automate document management and many other internal processes that drain valuable time from your day. We can help you to create a fully custom web based workflow solution that matches your EXACT business needs. Click here to learn more about our Custom Workflow Solutions.


Let’s Get To Know Your Needs

The first step in creating any successful custom workflow management solution is to get to know your business’ individual needs. When creating a customized workflow management solution we need to learn what processes your business needs to automate. Do you need document workflow automation, data processing automation, or other unique processes automated? No matter what the need, there is often a workflow automation solution that can be created to save you time and money in the long run.


The Planning Process

Now that we have your requirements we can begin the planning and workflow portion of the process. Our programmers and project manager will sit down and create a thorough workflow plan that will be presented to you before a single line of code is ever written. With your approval of this visual workflow documents we will begin to create the client area as we have discussed.


Milestones & Delivery

Managing expectations though milestones is some we specialize in. We are upfront about timelines and expectations right out of the gate. We will provide you with an approximate timeline document including milestones and payment schedule as well. You will be kept up to date every step of the way and your input will likely be needed at various milestones. In other words, you are never kept in the dark – you are involved in the process at every turn.

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