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Creating Killer Content for Your New Website

Creating Killer Content for Your New Website

Creating Killer Content for Your New Website

Content has been getting a bad rap lately, what with all of the focus on search engine optimization, design, networking and the little “like me” buttons it is easy to forget that the thing that convinces people to buy your product, think about buying your product, or leave your site and never come back is what you say to them, how you say it, and how interesting you are when you’re saying it.

Writing tips for the web:

  1. SEO – There are many ways to improve a site’s searchability, and many more effective ways than the on-page content, so don’t ruin your text trying to stuff keywords in.

    Also, according to Google the top ranked pages for all of the most searched phrases have basically one common thread, they all have quality writing. No spamming keywords or trying to make key phrases fit where they have no right to be. Fancy flashing Flash and other gimmicks are also eerily missing, so keep that in mind.

    That said, it is generally agreed by most SEO specialist that you should try to have one keyword or phrase toward the beginning and toward the end of a block of content. Nearly as important as the actual keywords some argue, are the words relating to the keywords.

    In reality though, there’s no silver bullet to slay on-page content’s searchability. Just make sure it is good content.

  2. Shorter sentences and paragraphs – Attention spans dwindle when we’re in front of a computer, so try to keep sentences and paragraphs shorter.
  3. Break up content – Instead of the classic indents you find in newspapers, books, magazines, etc. separate each paragraph of web content with a space.
  4. Updates – New content is important to search engines, and chances are your business is constantly changing anyway, so be sure to update the content on your site regularly.
  5. Grammar and Spelling – Few today have what would be called excellent grammar or spelling, but most do notice blatant errors and there is something unprofessional about these kinds of mistakes on a site.
  6. Keep the audience in mind – If you are selling baby supplies your content should sound a lot different than if you are, say, a heavy metal blogger, of course. By the same toke, any b2b site should have a more professional tone, while a b2c site should be more casual. It all depends on the audience.

    Another thing to keep in mind in regards to audience is their perception of your service, product or brand. A popular and successful advertiser said that you should treat everyone as if they had never heard of your product or service, that’s pretty good advice in most cases.

  7. Be persuasive – Remember that you want people visiting your site to do something, whether it is to buy something, sign up for something, or just think you’re a great person. Highlight the benefits to the reader first. Why should they care about you and why should they keep reading? You have to tell them. Then when you’re done telling them why, tell them what to do, “click here to purchase” or “enter your email here to get this free report” whatever it is, don’t forget to tell them to do it. The tone you take depends on the audience, but always highlight the benefits and always have a call to action.
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