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8 Ways to Increase Conversions Quickly

8 Ways to Increase Conversions Quickly

So maybe you have quite a few visitors to you page, but you just aren’t getting as many conversions as you should. It may be because you are using the wrong keywords, if not though there are some quick and easy things you can do to try to get more of those visitors to follow up.


  1. Improve Your Content – Almost every site has grammar, spelling or syntax errors it seems. This usually comes off as very unprofessional. Edit your site, and it may even be worth paying a professional to go through the entire thing to check for errors. And don’t forget to update your portfolio regularly.


  1. Improve Your Contact Page – You probably already have one, but if all it has is your contact information you are not doing enough. Remind them why they are contacting you again and re-affirm you’re a reliable and trustworthy company.


  1. Get their email – Sometimes the best way to sell is with a follow-up. People are hesitant to buy before there is some communication. In fact, you’d be surprised how many get all the way to the order form and just have second thoughts.


  1. Testimonials – This is just about the most effective way to build trust. People want to know others have had a great experience with your company. Try to include images with the testimonial whenever possible.


  1. Packages – Even if you sell a service, people like to get what they buy in a nice package, bow and all. Split your services into packages and let them see exactly what they get for the money they are spending. Then you can customize later, but they want to see it in front of them initially.


  1. Simple order forms – Just getting a potential customer from point A to the order form is an accomplishment, and chances are they are hesitant. Don’t scare them away at the last second wit ha confusing form. Make it absolutely as simple and fast as possible.


  1. Give them your number – This should be on the contact page of course, you also want your phone number somewhere in the header of each and every page of your website. It should be so easy to find they have it memorized by the time they leave.


  1. Google Website Optimize Test – This is a free tool offered by Google that lets you compare estimated effects of any changes you make to your site as far as optimization, before and after these changes are made. By using this each time you make a change, and tracking results, you can really pinpoint over time what areas of your site are most effective, what changes work and what other future changes may work even better. There is really no reason not to take advantage of it, since it’s free and all and it is relatively easy to learn the system.


Trying a few or all of these tips should help turn more of those visitors into customers. If you’ve tried everything and you’re still getting visitors who just click away, there is something fishy with your optimization or your content and design are just awful… hopefully the first one. Make sure the keywords, incoming and outgoing links, meta-tags etc are all relevant to what you are selling.

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