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10 Ways to Increase Sales with a Smarter Business Website

10 Ways to Increase Sales with a Smarter Business Website

Having a website is essential, and this has been drilled into every business owner’s head over the past couple of decades. It’s easy to lose site of why you need a website. It’s not just because your competition does, or because people expect it. If that is all your site is doing than it’s not doing enough. Your website needs to increase your sales. It might be time to make some changes if it is not bringing you new customers on a regular basis.


  1. Professionalism – It’s more than how your site looks or the images you use, it’s what you say to the customer. A site needs to evoke a specific emotion in order to get people to buy a product. It must remain professional at the same time though, this means proper English, syntax, grammar, etc. It’s amazing how many businesses hire a great designer, purchase those stock photos of the ladies and gentlemen in the business suits smiling for their images, then have content that sounds like it was written by a grade school kid.


  1. Optimize from scratch – Optimization is a complex field with all kinds of variables. It’s also an essential area for your business. Backlinks, links, tags and on-page SEO is part of it yes, but your actual coding should be optimized. Make sure the individual writing your site knows how to do this or that they are willing to learn.


  1. Sell – Every word on every page of your official website should have been painstakingly chosen to sell your product. The right tone, words, feeling differs from company to company and depending on the product, but if you are not actively selling in the copy you are not giving your visitors any reason to buy.


  1. Drive traffic – Update your site regularly with new content, create social sites that link to you and create a following, contribute to legitimate blogs in your industry, create your own blog and invite those with interested in your product or service and others in your industry to contribute.


  1. Offer directions – People shouldn’t have to go to Google or Youtube to figure out how to use your product, or to find out anything about your product. Know what you sell better than anyone and tell everyone everything they would ever need to know about what you sell from your website.


  1. Add Testimonials – Web browsers are rightfully suspicious. Adding testimonials can help build trust. Have a separate testimonial page. Consider adding part of one of your more complimentary testimonials somewhere on your homepage with a link for visitors to “read more.”


  1. About – Tell them everything about your company. Everything. Who, what, where, when, why then tell them about the people who run your company. Then tell them about the people who work at your company—the order can vary, but all the information should be at their fingertips. People like buying stuff from people they know, so let them get to know you. But make it interesting.


  1. Ensure Privacy – If people can order from you, take steps to make sure their information is safe. You have to keep their info safe and that means no using emails or phone numbers for nefarious activity and you need to implement tested and reliable security programs for them. Then you need to tell them they are safe, and tell them often.


  1. Offer a Trial – If you have the sort of product or service one can try out for a while, consider letting them try it out.


  1. Guarantee – Whenever feasible add a guarantee to a product. People still love guarantees. Make sure you can live up to your guarantee though. People don’t love guarantees more than they hate being tricked.
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